I’m making this 2 hours before the signing up closes so let’s just ignore the mistakes in this blog post



The reading Quest is a readathon which I was not planning on participating because I’m back to school feeling the pain & I’m starting my last year at high school & Honestly freaking out:


But honestly, I want to finish some Arcs and also start some series because I’M SO

If you want to know more about the reading quest go to the link here

But as for my character, I’m choosing the rogue because It matches my arcs but honestly If “I FINISH ALL OF MY TBR BOOKS” because you know I can read a lot without being distracted at all  someone please delete twitter from my phone it’s so distracting I’ll go with the Mage because It matches the other non-arcs I want to read (I’m making no sense here but y’all followed this blog for non-quality content just know that)



the reading quest

My Tbr for the Rouge


-Read a Banned book:

I’ll either read harry potter and the philosopher stone or Harry Potter and the half blood prince * Or the Handmaid’s tale but I’m not really sure if it was really banned

*( HP has been banned and also I’ve started the series with the chamber of secrets (long story) so I need to read the philosopher stone)

– A book with a partially obscured face:

I’m choosing these two books because they both can fit into other challenges in the rogue but honestly, they both sound really interesting.

– A book with >500 ratings on Goodreads:




The girl in the red balloon sounds really good and I couldn’t believe that my wish was guaranteed for this book on NetGalley

– A book published by a small press


THIS WAS WRITTEN BY A TEENAGER!!! which is really interesting and the synopsis sounds amazing I want to read as fast as possible.


Extra challenges:


-Time wrap: A book set in the future or the past:

November 14th 2017.jpg

It’s set in 18th century Cairo.

I only read 20 pages of this book (Does it count) but honestly, it’s my most anticipated book ever and I feel like crying because In 20 pages I saw my culture portrayed perfectly ( i highlight every word)


– Mini game: Read a graphic novel, novella or poetry collection:


I got this second volume for Edelweiss but I can’t open it in any of my devices so please help

-Open world: Read whatever you want


So that’s my tbr which I’m sure will be a huge failure but let’s hope I do read all the books.

Are you participating? If yes which character you did choose? if no are you participating in any readathon this month?



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