Most anticipated releases for the second half of 2017


Remember when I said that I finally have a vacation and now I’ll write more posts* WILL I DIDN’T


Because I’m such a lazy person and also Ramadan was very busy (I failed with my Ramadan readathon because I’m such a failure don’t @ me) but I’ll try to write some more blog posts before I get busy later in September (we’re already in July when did this happen)

And of course, because I love torturing you** & I’m sure that you need more books to add to your tbr although I’m sure it’s about the size of a small planet ( we all are suffering here)


so I’m sharing the new releases of the next half of the year (although I’ll be very busy for the next half of the year bc I’ll start my final year of school & my brother’s wedding, I’m not sure that I’ll be able to read them all*** ) but let’s just start this post because I have a lot of things to say.

*Even if I haven’t say this to you I promised myself but I’m very lazy and I need to be more active.
** I’m a little monster, sorry I haven’t told you this before
*** as if I’ve read the already released books


All the books will be linked to the Goodreads page, just click on the cover.


-The library of fates by Aditi Khorana:

Release date: July 18th July 18th 2017 (2)

1. Inspired by Indian Folklore & old Mythology (I haven’t told you this before but I love everything that has to do with all kinds of mythology, history and religions) so this made me really excited.

2. That cover Y’all (I judge books by their covers #SorryNotSorry )





-WonderWoman by Leigh Bardugo:

Release date: August 29th August 29th 2017

  1.  I won’t watch the movie in cinema so I need to know more about wonder woman*

     *I won’t pay my money for a movie that stars a Zionist actress when we could have had a different actress who doesn’t support killing children, If you like the movie then good for you but please don’t ignore this issue

  2. No, I haven’t read anything by Leigh Bardugo but I’ll correct this mistake by reading six of crows duology and then reading this (hopefully)



-Warcross by Marie Lu September 12th 2017.jpg

Release date: September 12th

  1. I’m hearing that it has a super diverse cast

  2. Virtual reality & set in Japan

– Rebel Seoul by Axie Oh

Release date: September 15thSeptember 15th 2017

1.Korean MC

2. War!!!!

3. It sounds very cool Y’all check the synopsis


-Invictus by Ryan Graudin

Release date: September 26thSeptember 26th 2017.

1. Thieves who time travel to steal things!! YES PLEASE

2. Set during a heist on the sinking Titanic

3. There will be a lot of history mentioned and I’ll probably die because I’m a nerd.19092669.gif

-starfish by Akemi Dawn Bowman

 Release date: September 26th   September 26th 2017

  1.  A Japanese-American MC

  2. Own Voices (as far as I know)


 -Renegades by Marisa Myers

 Release date: November 7th November 7th 2017 2

1. A boy raised by heroes and a girl raised by villains

2. If this doesn’t play well with the good and evil aspects I’d be mad

3. I haven’t read the lunar chronicles yet don’t @ me


– City of Brass by  S.A. Chakraborty

release date: November 14thNovember 14th 2017.jpg

  1. My most anticipated release of ever

  2. Set in 18th century Egypt (I’m dead) and by the way I’m Egyptian & also obsessed with Egyptian history.


  3. The MC is a con-artist (I’m dead again)

  4. I love following the author because she tweets articles and pictures about all types of history and I’m happy.

  5. I’m afraid of not loving this. unnamed


That was a very fun post to make but I don’t think that my wallet can handle all of this neither do my poor eyes but No one can do anything about it because books need more sacrifice and I’m here for

What’re your most anticipated releases of the next half of the year? I’d like to hear from you.




8 thoughts on “Most anticipated releases for the second half of 2017

  1. I’m so so so excited about The Library of Fates and City of Brass! They are going to be just AWESOME!

    I’m intrigued about Starfish because according to my knowledge the MC is biracial.

    I’m also very excited about Not My Villian, City of Betrayal (I read the ARC but I want everyone to read this series!) and Forest of a Thousand Lanterns. And most probably a lot more, but I forgot them…

    Liked by 1 person

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