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Guide to bookstagram

If you didn’t know I was supposed to be having my bookstagram anniversary in march and the bookstagram community holds a special  place in my heart because when I made my account 1 year ago I didn’t know I’d be part of this amazing community and I didn’t know I’d even make this blog which is amazing (What do you mean by “But you don’t post in your blog?” I do but not a lot )


(of course, my trash-self had to post a gif of Dan)

so I decided why not writing a blog post about bookstagraming because #Obsessed and if you don’t know what bookstagraming is I’ll tell you: you basically take pictures of books and talk about books and That’s it You’re a bookstagrammer. but let’s be real here Bookstagraming is an easy thing and anyone can do but  I can give you some tips so you can improve your account who don’t love to have a beautiful Instagram account which is full of books and amazing people.


1. You don’t have to own a camera

believe me, I use my phone since day one. If you have a camera then that’s awesome but if you don’t, Don’t worry about that because most smartphones have high-quality cameras which is amazing because we all can take pictures easily.



Sunlight is the best lighting you can ever have You don’t have to own those fancy things which people use for lighting (You know these big lamps Idk what they’re called)  but sunlight is your friend and if you have no time to take pictures in the morning you can figure something out and have good lighting 555555.gif


3. Use Editing apps & websites:

You know what was my number one fault Not using Vsco . Believe me*, when I say that filters make a huge difference and you can change the contrast, the lighting and basically you can make your pictures a lot better.

There’s also a lot of apps you can use instead of Vsco like snapseed and pixlr or you can just use online websites like PICMONKEY (I don’t use them because I have to move the pictures from my computer to my phone and I’m LAZY)  It doesn’t matter what you use just choose what easier to you.

*I know I say Believe me a lot but believe me, I don’t mean it.


4. Practising:

You know what really matters is practicing. Take a look at the progress I made in the past year

This is MY pictures when I first started:


A few months later:
Then a few months later:
And This is my current theme/Style:

I didn’t have a style or a particular way of taking pictures but now look at me I go to my garden and take pictures do you imagine the effort I exert here Like I only leave my room for school, eating and bookstageram (Obviously that’s why I hate school). To be honest, I wanted to have more followers in the past but I don’t care that much now (Yes I love having more followers) But I learned that the most important thing is talking to other bookworms and obsessing over books (Also the new Instagram Algorithm doesn’t leave a chance to anyone ). So if you have just started your account or you want to improve it don’t hurry and remember it’s a hobby in the first place it should be fun.


(I had to post another GIF bc Dan!!)


Now tell me Do you have a bookstagram account? What’s your favorite thing about bookstagram?


2 thoughts on “Guide to bookstagram

  1. HA! Agreed. I gave up one the whole bookstagram thing because I found most of my traffic was from me commenting. And after a year, taking pictures wasn’t as fun as I originally intended. It seemed more like work than actual fun. Overall, I think I might return, right now I’m taking a break from the whole “social media” thing and taking life slow.
    Good post, have an AMAZING DAY!


    1. Yes sometimes the whole thing feels annoying and surely when it’s not fin I’m gonna give up. I’ve been thinking about taking a vacation from social media bc it takes a lot of my time but I just can’t do it 😂 lol.


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