It’s all absolutely fine* book review



Genre: Graphic novel, Memoir

Publishing date: Published November 17th, 2016

Author: Roby Elliot



IT’S ALL ABSOLUTELY FINE is a darkly comic, honest and unapologetic illustrated account of the daily struggles with mental health. Ruby Elliot, aka Rubyetc, is the talent behind the hit Tumblr account, ‘Rubyetc’, which has over 210k followers and growing. Taking readers on a journey through the ups and downs of life, the book will encompass everything from anxiety, bipolar disorder and body image to depression and identity, shining a light on very real problems – all framed with Ruby’s trademark humor and originality.



Last year I’ve changed in many ways, I became more aware of mental illness so Basically One of my goals this year is to know more about mental illness and I decided not to start with heavy nonfiction books which are hard to get into and I can’t read them that fast so one day I was browsing on netgalley and I saw this and thought “this looks interesting” why don’t I read it and I’m glad I did.


What I love about this book is that it makes you know the experience of a real person who is suffering from a kind of mental illness and The thing about this is that it doesn’t throw the information to your face and tells you “Well that’s my experience and now you know how I feel” No but instead ” I’m going to let you know how I feel and teach you about it so You know how people deal with this things”. I knew less about eating disorders and bipolar disorder but now I know a little bit about them, now I’m encouraged to read and know more. and that’s what I exactly wanted from this book. And the other thing I learned from this book is that everyone has a different experience with mental illness you can’t assume that people who suffer from eating disorder are the same, some will choose to not to tell you about it and some will choose to tell you about a little bit and some like Ruby will tell you about it with sarcasm but you have to respect all of them and you can’t joke about it in any way and yes it includes a lot of cursing but I’m not going to lie the writer’s/illustrator’s humor is on point.


(A summary of the illustrations of this book but it’s a little bit brighter)

This is a really good book, light but surely thoughtful read.




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