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Attack on titans Season 1




I can’t believe how much I have waited to watch this bloody brilliant anime. I finished the whole show in 3 days (I could have finished it in one day but I had to read some books)  I wonder how some people have been waiting for 3 years and I finished it a few days ago and can’t wait for April.645655

I don’t watch a lot of anime but I’m going to because I have no social life already so making my way to new fandoms is okay Who needs social life anyway? raw-1

but let’s stop talking about my feelings* and let’s talk about the anime (I avoided spoilers as much as I can so this is a spoiler free review )

*Warning: I’ll be fangirling a lot so I’ll probably talk about my feelings (I’m a crazy person)



So basically there are titans who eat humans so humans lived in walls but boom they don’t have a wall anymore so they have to go to another wall to protect themselves. so the summary of this whole anime is Titans eat people and people is killing Titans (Almost)

 Titans eat people and people is killing Titans (Almost)

But you follow this boy Irin and his friends Mikasa and Armin after the titans destroyed their city and omg what A FREAKING RIDE but let me just tell you I was spoiled for a certain plot twist (I’m looking at you, my best friend)  but this didn’t stop me. The plot was good and full of amazing plot twists that will leave you like giphy-3

It’s a bloody brilliant anime (Literally it’s bloody because there’s a lot of killing) So don’t watch it if you can’t handle killing random people and awful things (I’m dead inside so I can’t relate)enhanced-buzz-11240-1362511117-4

and Levi who’s a beautiful cinnamonroll and yes you have to wait a little bit until he shows up but he’ll slay you with his coolness (Does this word even exist?).

Me watching Levi for the first time


I don’t know what are you doing with your life, Go and watch it so we can fangirl together and You can join all of us who are waiting for the new season (We have popcorn and cookies don’t worry).



And now Tell me, Have you watched it? Which animes do you recommend? Did it destroy your life?


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