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Trapped in silver 


 “As long as there’s power to gain there will always be war”

Author: Emily Sowden

Genre: YA Fantasy

Publishing date: 7. Feb.2017


This book is

First I was a little bit confused and I thought “Omg this is creepy” (I’m not a fan of creepy things). The story was confusing, Ava (The main character) situation in the town and her father was confusing. The side characters  confused me, I was sitting there wondering “So Who is who ?” I felt like there were no characters at all and then one time they were all there. Things got a little bit interesting afterward, I started to understand the worldbuilding especially after getting some answers (although that part came a little bit late)  I felt like the information was put in a one time that I had to take some time to understand all of them.


That being said, The writing style was amazing and The characters are my precious babies especially Ava, Th main character, She was sassy, sarcastic and a very strong character (She had a dagger. very stabby) and the other characters had tragic and beautiful backstories (I’m normal by the way) and some of them are beautiful cinammonrolls who must be protected.

The story got very interesting and I’m not over the last 100 pages yet.

I truly think that this book is underrated and Y’all should read it because I need some fanart and someone to fangirl with (Also if you want to understand what is #TeamDemons You gotta read the book) The ebook is on sale for 1.99 for a week so go and buy it




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