2017 Resolutions

Yes it’s me finally No I haven’t died If you was wondering I just had school and It destroyed every bit of me but I survived and I’m back to writing blog posts


And yes I’m writing my 2017 resolutions on February Because because I’m treating January like a free trial month and 2017 really starts in February


let’s face it we all end up not making half of the things on our resolution lists but we keep writing them anyway because we like to have goals (My only goal is to eat chocolate while watching TV series and not feeling guilty about it to be honest)

But anyway I represent to you Mt Bookish resolution for 2017:

1.To complete Goodreads challenge

because I Either change it or not complete it. and this year I’m determined on reading 50 books (although my tbr contains 157986 books but that’s okay)

2.Read at least Agatha christie book

I discovered the world of Agatha christie books last year and To be honest the book I read surprised me. I didn’t expect the ending at all. I think Agatha have the ability to play with your mind and I want to experience it again.

3.Read George Orwell book 

This is a lifelong sort of goal I set last year since my favorite book is 1984 I decided to read a book by George Orwell or a book about him every year because HE IS AN AMAZING WRITER.

4.Read a book from Russian literature

I want seriously to start reading Russian books (Translated of course)  but the Russian literature is huge and I need to ask what to start with first.

5.Read more Biographies/autobiographies

I never read an autobiography before but I think that I’ve grown up lately that it would be useful to see what people learned through their lives and what I can learn too.

6.To complete Harry Potter

Ya don’t judge me but the size of Order of Pheonix scares me and knowing that the books will be over scares me too (I’m already planning a reread)



My life resolutions for 2017:


Because I do this a lot of time and I need to either read or study or do something useful.


2.Stop stressing out

3.To be more active on my blog

Because I enjoy writing on this blog (and that includes 1 am writing of course)


List of books I’m excited to read (Something like yearly Tbr)


And that’s it my 2017 resolutions


What’s your reading goal? Do you have any books you’re looking forward to read this year?


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