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When the moon was ours – Book review


*Thank you to St. Martin’s Press & Anna-Marie McLemore for my copy of the eARC in exchange for an honest review.*

Author: Anna Marie Mclemore


This book is wonderful. It’s a unique story with Magical writing. and It got me out of a reading slump.

Sam and Miel were ADORABLE

“The closer she got to him, The more she felt in her roses, Like a moon pulling on a sea.”

All the time when I was reading I was like:


Sam was sad and his character was amazing I wanted more


and Miel was just adorable and Uh this was amazing.


The writing style is  detailed. I loved it The details helped me to imagine the picture of the world more and more not the unnecessary details that Will bother you. It was just beautiful

Even in her nightgown, without her makeup on, Aracely was a slice of color against the window. Her hair was bright as the fruit of a nectarine. The brown of her skin looked like raw gold stripped from quartz. And she stood tall enough that she looked like she could meet the gaze of the sky out on the horizon.

The book was influenced by many cultures like latin and Pakistan cultures  So it’s a diverse book and I really think we need this kind of Diversity In YA * Cultures, colors,…….etc*

But TBH I was confused at the beginning with the Hole Bonner sisters and I wasn’t understanding What was going on and Too many things happened in one time Many characters appeared at once so I was Just like


But at all this was a Marvelous read



Disclaimer:This isn’t a proper review because school is taking over my life and I wrote this on 2 A.M. so I’m really sorry for any typos



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