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Tips for reading during school


SCHOOL aka my worst nightmare will start in 2 weeks and I have a panic attack. I haven’t read much this summer Actually I have no idea what I did this summer. I just became more socially awkward and didn’t learn Spanish as I planned  But I think we all like this  anyway I gonna give you some tips about school and reading because Reading is love, Reading is life  ” I’ll never stick to them like I never stick to something except for Fandoms” 


Tip1: Don’t stress yourself out about reading

In all the videos and blog posts that I had watched/read This was the last TIP for me it’s the number one because reading supposed to be fun, enjoyable & educating. Read whenever you feel like reading THEN READ. Get a rest when you don’t feel like reading. Do things, Explore the world, have fun ( I really can’t give you tips on that I don’t Socialize)


Tip 2: Don’t read during class

A few days ago I saw a video about reading during class And I don’t Think that’s a useful thing to the little kids ( I’m one of them) Yes I read in class before I won’t pretend the opposite but it’s not a good idea


and what if THE TEACHERS CAUGHT YOU, They’re gonna rip up your heads *

*They’re not going to do that but that’s a refrence hands up if undrestood it

Tip 3: Take a book everywhere 

This is a cliche Tip but Believe me, it works even if You didn’t read the book. You will feel better +  Maybe if you  a beautiful place you can take  a few pictures #booksatgrame 

Tip 4: What if my backpack is heavy and I still want to take a book

Reading Apps like kindle. download it on your phone and You won’t feel awkward when you read in school ( People think that I’m weirdo or something when I read a book )


Tip 5: Audiobooks

I tried listening to them but I failed. I just got distracted and never listened. But you can listen to audiobooks on bus or on car ( If you were the one who is driving avoid them maybe something very dramatic happens and you start crying and hit your car in a tree or something) While walking in dark forests so you don’t have to socialize ( Don’t do that too You may get kidnapped or something)

Tip 6: Avoid Your computer and phone 

This is a tip that I’ll never do but You should if you want to get high grades and  read. Don’t open the internet


You know when you said that You’ll just update Goodreads or I’ll just do a research for the school but you end up on Youtube watching weird videos and wondering who made this stuff?!

Plus if you managed to do that Please teach  me your technics because I have no clue.

What do you think about this tips? Do you have any additional ones? Let us discuss it together.



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