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Blog tour – Q & A with Diana T.Scott



I’m happy because my first Q&A will be with the amazing Author Diana T.Scott:

 What is the book that inspired you the most in your life? 

Who I am and what I’ll end up being is all thanks to or in spite of hundreds of books read over the years. I won’t be able to choose just one because I’m sure there are dozens that changed me in one way or another and I’m not even aware of it. And isn’t that the beauty in reading?

 Does any of your book characters represent you in any way?  

I think I’m a mix of all my characters. They all have character traits from me and I always end up borrowing some from them.

 If you had the choice of living in a fictional world what would it be? 

Probably the city of Velaris, from A Court of Mist and Fury. The artists’ quarter sounds like the perfect place for me.

 what inspired you to write your book? 

Until three years ago, I haven’t even considered writing as a possibility. I’ve always loved reading, yet never considered writing as a career. But one night, after a long conversation with one of my best friends, it suddenly hit me. It was like that dream you’re too afraid to admit you have. It took me about four months to finish my first novel and I haven’t stopped writing ever since.

 If you ran away from home because of zombies what would you take with you? 

A personalized zombie kit. It would include things like canned goods, a self-defence manual, Warm Bodies to read before bed and a great pair of heels. I look great running in heels and you can’t overlook the weapon potential.

 What message would you put in a fortune cookie?

“If you must deliver bad news, use a barbershop quartet.”

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Writer of Our Demons, Best Friends, Love Me While I’m Gone and Colour Me Yours.

Perpetually sleep deprived, but never sorry. I am a colourful mix of the things I love. Chocolate eclairs. The sound of a guitar. The first snow of the year. Sleeping on freshly washed sheets. The smell of a new book. Man buns. Using rock-paper-scissors to settle an argument. Old, washed up jeans. Comfort food. Old people acting like kids. The ocean. My dog. My family.

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