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August Tbr

I usually don’t stick to my tbr list every month but let’s hope that I’ll continue it this month.

It’s kinda big but I want to finish some good books before school.

Physical books

Animal Farm  by George Orwell


HP and Chamber of secrets  by J.K.Rowling ( Aka the queen)


To kill a mockingbird by Harper Lee



Review copies so I want to read them before school:

The Invoice by Jonas Karlsson


Love me while I’m gone by Diana T.Scott


Archer: Blood & Grace by Alex Tuttle (started reading it but I’ll complete it)


Arabic Books

طبائع الاستبداد و مصارع الاستعباد لعبد الرحمن الكواكبي : بدأت أقرأه و بحاول اقرأ 20 صفحة كل يوم لأنه محتاج تفكير.





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