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Signs of being a bookworm



From Urban Dictionary
From Urban Dictionary

This is things that I do and I discovered that every bookworm like me do everything in this list So I hope You enjoy it:

From Word Painting

    From Word Painting




  • Everyone in your family/friends ask you for a book recommendations

This is a basic thing in my life like when a new book store opened like 6 of my friends took me with them and asked me about books. Let me just say it makes me so happy to give someone recommendations.

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  • Can’t stop buying booksAnd that’s the most serious problem I face in my life. I have like 30 books that I bought and haven’t read it yet and that’s a problem



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  • Having a Tbr list that’s longer than Eiffel Tower

Another problem like bookworms can rule the world but after one more chapter we all know that

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  • Trying to find the right passion and place to read is a serious problem and it takes half of my reading time. They should make a reading chair especially for readers.


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  • You go crazy when any one talks about books

Yes don’t act like you don’t know what Am I talking about because everybody knows It’s our serious problem.


I hope you enjoyed this post and don’t forget to add me on goodreads and check my instagram and there is a special thing that will happen next month so stay tuned. ( A giveaway and a Q& A)


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