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Divergent Review.


“Those who want power and get it live in terror of losing it. That’s why we have to give power to those who don’t want it.”

Author: Veronica Roth

Rating: 3.5/5

Synopsis:  In the dystopian future of Divergent, society is divided into five virtue-based sections. When 16-year-old Tris leaves her family to live among the Dauntless, she finds herself in the middle of an intense and competitive training program, trying to hide her own secrets while uncovering others.


Being Divergent is dangerous. Being divergent means that you must be killed.

I won’t say that I loved this book but also I didn’t hate it. The idea of the book was good not unique but good.

I’ll start with things I liked

  • Four: Will he is one of my favorite characters because you know why (hehehe)
  • The fictions are perfect Veronica Roth described them in a very good way  and the last  pages were nothing but amazing.

My problems with the book:

  • The romantic details I didn’t like it. If we removed the details it will remain the same to me.

For me It was a good book but it didn’t worth all the hype (I’ve seen the movie first but the book was better as always)

I don’t know If I’ll finish this series one day because I’ve seen Allegiant spoilers but in general I enjoyed.


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