Amazing libraries & where to find them

“I have always imagined that paradise will be a kind of library” Jorge Brges

What’s better than a library with thousands of booksand a comfort seat.  So I decided to let you go with me to a wonderful journey to see amazing libraries from all around the world



The national library of Czech is one of the most beautiful libraries in the entire world. It got Unesco Jiki Prize (Memory of the world)
Baroque library hall is the home of the library it contains 20.000 from early 17th century (the number is huge I know)

Royal Portuguese reading room ,Rio De Janiro ,Brazil



It was designed by Rafael da Silva Castro in 1887. It houses the largest collection of portugues works outside portueges .

You will be surrounded from all the sides what better than that?!

Bibliotheca Alexandria ,Alexandria ,Egypt

44309619 archnw2f

I’ve visited this library twice in my life”it’s amazing people”

It was reborn in 2002 as the original library was destroyed in a huge fire B.C .  the main library contains over 500.000 books but it’s not only a library it also contains museums and beautiful art galleries.




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