My first Post

welcome welcome welcome (It remembered you with the voice of Effie Trinket from THG. (Am I right?).

So ya I started A blog when did that happened I have no idea but after 3 months in bookstagram world I can say that the bookworms community is bigger than I ‘d thought. People are very helpful and amazing and I really loved to get more into this community so here it’s ” Another bookworm life”

Writing is the thing that I wanted to do since I was young. communicating with other people who have the same passion. Making new friends and Making people happy it’s all the things I care about so I’ll introduce myself to you

My name is Hala

I’m a 16 years old girl who lives in Egypt and lives between the pages she read”

  • basically I’ll write an article every Thursday and it’ll be about anything bookish related or maybe anything you want me to do
  • I love to review books so if yo want my to review your book just contact me
  • I read a lot of Arabic books so I will review them in my goodreads and بالعربي but If it’s translated I’ll review in English too

Ya it’s all the things I want to tell about myself & like they say

“So many books, so little time.”



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